Facebook: Optimise for ‘Landing Page Views’​ NOT ‘Clicks’​. Here’s why.

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Facebook last year added an option for advertisers to optimise for landing page views – through ad delivery. This allows advertisers to utilise Facebook’s machine learning from the pixel placed on your site. Let’s look at the terminology set by Facebook for landing page views Landing Page Views: A landing page view is when a person lands on your ad’s … Read More

Google Ads Secrets: What Works for Small Businesses

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Google Ads plays an important role when implementing your online strategy. It can be one of the most productive and quickest methods to bring good levels of traffic to your website. Using Google Ads, small business owners can show their ads by utilising a search campaign with relevant keywords. Business owners will only pay when a user clicks the ad, … Read More

Google Ads – Understanding Keyword Match Types

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When creating a campaign in Google Ads, you may create a text ad. Aligned with the text ad, you can select a variety of keywords match types. These are; broad match, broad match modifier (BMM), phrase match, or exact match. But what are they? Keywords are built out and depending on the words/phrases you choose, can determine where your ad … Read More