Facebook: Optimise for ‘Landing Page Views’​ NOT ‘Clicks’​. Here’s why.

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Facebook last year added an option for advertisers to optimise for landing page views - through ad delivery. This allows advertisers to utilise Facebook’s machine learning from the pixel placed on your site.


Let's look at the terminology set by Facebook for landing page views

Landing Page Views: A landing page view is when a person lands on your ad's destination URL (landing page) after clicking a link in your ad. Optimising for landing page views is a way to improve the quality of the traffic your site receives.

Facebook’s landing page views ad delivery may seem a little odd. You might think “doesn’t Facebook already tell advertisers how many times a user has clicked on the links to visit the brands site? Yes … “doesn’t that link-click figure tell advertisers how many times people visited a brand's site from an ad? No. Reason why: The user may click an ad to visit the brand's site, but hit the back button before the page loads.

So …… why should you optimise for landing page views?


The difference between optimising for a click, or a landing page view might be small, but there are some key differences between the two. Drawing on the power of machine learning, Facebook can now optimise for advanced user behaviour. Trusting the platform will find suitable people for your campaigns.

A common question asked by marketers is the commonality of Facebook link clicks to the Google Analytics figures. They seem to show different results. When a user clicks on an advertisement, Facebook will record this action. But, there’s still a lot to take place before Google Analytics starts recording the users visit – page to fully load.


When 'landing page views' is selected, advertisers will start to receive more quality traffic to the site. Again ... drawing on the power of Facebook’s machine learning. This is important especially with mobile traffic. When users are scrolling on a mobile device a mistake could happen when a user clicks the link by accident. If the delivery option is set to ‘link click’ advertisers will be charged.

If you’re seeing a big difference in ‘link clicks’ vs ‘landing page views’ there may be an issue with your page load speed. Failing that, you will need to investigate further why users are not completing the website visit.

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